Being a new resident in Playa Blanca, I’ve been venturing out on foot to find what’s what over the past few weekends. This weekend I took a walk around the north part of the village, near the school and was quite shocked by the amount of litter at the roadside – everything from empty beer cans to dirty nappies to snack bar wrappers.

It got me thinking about the “Famara Beach Clean” that was going on yesterday morning, an area where more litter needed cleaning up.

We live on a naturally beautiful island – why don’t people respect the environment and take their rubbish home with them or find a bin? Is it a sign of our times that we think there will be someone along to tidy up after us? We can all help by picking up a piece of rubbish that we see, rather than walking around it – Let’s KEEP Lanzarote looking great!!