San Bartolomé announces aid for the self-employed and small businesses of the municipality

The City Council allocates a total of one million euros and applications can be submitted from September 12 to October 13

The San Bartolomé City Council has published the call for subsidies to the self-employed, micro and small companies of the municipality , to which it has allocated a total of one million euros.

“The City Council of San Bartolomé, in the face of the situation caused by the Covid-19 crisis, intends to promote economic activity in the municipality, providing liquidity to companies to help facilitate the fulfillment of their business obligations, maintenance of activity and employment and cushion the drastic reduction in income “, highlighted the mayor, Alexis Tejera.

As explained by the Consistory, the amount of aid per applicant will amount to a minimum of 800 euros , and may amount to a maximum of 1,000 euros.

The call has been published this Friday in the Official Gazette of the Province and the deadline for submitting the applications and pertinent documentation will be open from Saturday, September 12 to October 13 , according to the mayor of commerce, Alma María González. Applications may be submitted through the electronic headquarters of the municipal website .


“Prevent irreversible economic and social consequences from arising”

“From tomorrow the deadline for submitting applications and documentation of the call for the granting of subsidies aimed at supporting self-employed persons, micro-businesses and small companies to face the effects caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus, whose purpose is to protect the general interest, acting directly on the individuals and legal entities most affected to face this extraordinary situation with the aim of avoiding irreversible economic and social consequences for the inhabitants of the municipality and ensuring that once the health crisis is over, it occurs as soon as possible a reactivation of the local economy, preventing the economic and social impact from being prolonged over time, “says the mayor.

“Legally constituted natural or legal persons may be beneficiaries of these subsidies who, being a self-employed person, micro-business or small business of those defined in accordance with Annex I of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 651/2014, of June 17, 2014, that carry out business or commercial activities in the territorial scope of the municipality of San Bartolomé, that motivate the granting of this aid, and that comply with the requirements established in the bases “, the councilor of Economy, Antonio Rocío.

Those interested who need information can contact the telephone numbers of the commercial area : 928 520 128 extensions 1610 and 1201 or mobile 682 624 642.