The City Council of San Bartolomé is studying since May 24 the possibility of mitigating the noise of airport traffic on the homes of Playa Honda closer to the site, in order to ensure the rest of the neighbors.


The City of San Bartolomé, states that the required soundproofing works must be financed by the Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA), as has been done in Valencia, Vigo or Tenerife north among others.


Work to achieve the soundproofing of the homes that are within the Acoustic Isolation Plan will be the task of a specialized legal office, which collaborates with the San Bartolomé Corporation for this purpose. To this end, the Strategic Noise Map of Lanzarote Airport, prepared in July 2017, will be taken as reference.


According to the aforementioned study, the municipality of San Bartolomé is the most affected by the decibel level (Db), both in the number of affected dwellings and in the population and area.


In the same way it is pointed out that the diagnosis of noise pollution will determine the dwellings in which it will intervene, taking as a reference the levels of 40/50 Db day / night in rooms, 40/30 Db day / night in bedrooms and 50 Db day / night in the rest of stays.


To start the process, the City Council must have a presence in the Environmental Monitoring Commission (CSAM), an interministerial body that integrates the Ministries of the Environment and Development and the regional and local administrations and where these demands are studied.


Finally, the City Council announces that the relevant meetings will be held with the affected neighborhood in order to keep each and every one of those affected informed.