Thanks to LANCELOT DIGITAL – Serra: “It is very likely that Lanzarote will go to phase 2 next week”

Next week at the latest Lanzarote will enter phase 2 of the Covid 19 alerts if the infection data continues to decline. This was commented by the spokesperson for the Canary Islands Scientific Committee, the professor of Public Health, Lluis Serra, in his speech at Café de Periodistas, yesterday Monday, the 8th. “Surely it deserves to go down to phase two and I think that will be what that it be decided throughout this week, already for next week, if the indicators continue as they have been up to now “.

Serra did not want to interfere in the controversy of whether Lanzarote should lower two of the alerts to the stadium due to our low accumulated incidence numbers at 7 and 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants, lower than the average for the Canary Islands. “This is something that is going to be reviewed, the truth is that it is easier to go up than down the category because this requires reducing a series of indicators that go up very easily,” he explains. “In the case of Lanzarote, the island has suffered significant hospital stress, much more than during the first wave and it is clear that things must be taken with caution.”

The spokesman for the Scientific Committee for Covid 19 believes that the Canary Islands with the proper controls can be opened to tourists but always being very prudent to avoid relaxation in the protocols. “The PCR controls that we have been carrying out since December are the ones that will allow this opening, but we have to be very much on top because we are very concerned about the new variants of the virus and we have to be very strict and rigorous with all this because, in the absence of greater vaccination coverage, we have to establish controls in our air and maritime space and, possibly, they are going to stay for many months. “

Serra downplayed the controversy originated with the celebration in the Canary Islands of small gatherings to celebrate 8-M. He believes that in the open air and with masks the chances of contagion are minimal. “We were concerned about something, but really, at the present time in Spain, with the awareness that exists in the use of the mask in open spaces, a concentration like the one carried out would not have to generate a large number of cases as happened a year ago” . The also recently elected Rector of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias believes that he expects that in April and May there will be plenty of vaccines to make massive inoculations to reach the summer with a relatively high immunization of the Canarian population.