The Art, Culture and Tourism Centers have taken out the tender for Smart Island: Lanzarote Intelligent Reserve of the Biosphere, a project that aspires to become a public-private collaboration platform that promotes the island’s sustainable development through its transformation digital. At the same time, it will position it as an international example of good practices in terms of customer experience and real-time measurement of the environmental performance of tourism activity, adding, for this purpose, a centralized management, based on data, of all the activities carried out the operators of the destination.


With a budget of around three million euros, the LRiB platform will be a mechanism for coordination and collaboration among the agents of the island’s tourist ecosystem in order to promote the development of the community within the necessary balance between the economic, social and environmental . The efforts of this project are focused on promoting sustainable and quality tourism, putting value on the natural and cultural heritage of the island, and its sustainable performance through a personalized offer based on the preferences of the tourist, its socio-economic profile, the geolocation and information of its context. The challenge of the initiative is to maximize the tourist experience, its loyalty, its contribution to local development, sustainable performance, and the increase in its average daily expenditure.


LRiB will boost the island economy by increasing the consumption of local products, providing agents of the tourism sector with direct connection with the tastes and tendencies of tourists through an intensive use of information and communication technologies. “It is a project aligned with elements as present in the DNA of Lanzarote as tourism and sustainability,” says the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Centers, Echedey Eugenio, “which will allow us to put innovation at the center of our society as an instrument to respond to future challenges in terms of sustainability “.


Lanzarote, as an intelligent destination, will have the capabilities to generate and (re) use huge amounts of data in order to anticipate problems and solve them proactively, making the best decisions and coordinating the resources to act in a efficient, which will have an impact on the lives of citizens and, in particular, on the experience of tourists. In this area, one of the main objectives is to have the ability to measure in real time the influx of visitors and tourists in the different points of interest of the island and have the ability to manage these flows to ensure a better experience.


Additionally, LRiB wants to become an example of good practices in terms of open innovation and open data in the field of sustainable tourism. To this end, the Innovation Center of the Islet of Fermina is being created, from which the ecosystem of entrepreneurs that will promote and accelerate the digital transformation of the island will be built. In this area, this tender includes four semi-annual training plans that will train the ecosystem of people in Data Science, in Tourism Experience, in Artificial Intelligence and in Sustainability Management.


The success of this initiative will elevate Lanzarote to the category of intelligent destination and catapult it towards the knowledge society, bringing to the island new professions, which will generate a range of employment opportunities for citizens.


The specifications of this tender can be found at .


Smart Island, Lanzarote Intelligent Biosphere Reserve has a budget of 2,994,962.10 euros, including igic, from the Canary Islands Development Fund (FDCAN), which is managed by the Project Planning and Coordination Unit of the Cabildo de Lanzarote coordinated by Saray Rodríguez.