Lanzarote Business and Residents Association President Daniel Trigg was recently interviewed by Lancelot Digital

Daniel Trigg: “Social pressure to travel to the Canary Islands in the United Kingdom is increasing”

British travelers who want to come to Spain will have to do so with a negative Covid 19 test, a PCR or antigen test, or a complete vaccine. The measure will begin to apply from next Wednesday. The measure is adopted to minimize the risks of exporting the Delta variant, which is widespread in the United Kingdom.

The representative of foreign businessmen in Lanzarote, Daniel Trigg, believes that it is a positive measure. “I think it is a logical measure and if it is an antigen test, which is inexpensive, I think the British are not going to oppose doing it because they are aware, first of all, that the island should have the least number of cases of possible covid, and the majority of the population is already vaccinated, ”he says.



Likewise, Daniel Trigg believes that in July the British Government will allow its travelers with a full vaccination schedule to travel without requiring quarantine and negative PCR upon return from their holidays. “I believe that social pressure in the UK will undergo changes, but with regulations and rules,” he says. “It is clear that people with double vaccinations are going to have to let them go because the pressure is increasing. I believe that the news of July 15 could be real and when that date arrives, those who are vaccinated will be able to travel”.


What this representative of the English community on the island is clear about is that the British really want to travel to the islands for tourism. “The Canary Islands are a priority destination for them and the economy in the United Kingdom is very consolidated. People have money and want to spend it because they haven’t had a chance to do so. The demand is not a problem, the desire to come is not a problem, “he says.



Daniel Trigg confirmed that most of the people who come by plane from Great Britain are residents of the islands or relatives of residents or a tourist who stays in villas. There are still very few English who come to hotels due to the obligation to quarantine upon their return.