Spectacular reaction of the British market after meeting the safe corridor with the Canary Islands

From the SPEL they point out that, if the contagion figures remain equally well, the winter season in Lanzarote could be saved



The fact that the United Kingdom and Germany also include the Canary Islands as a safe tourist destination has had an immediate reaction, especially in the British market where contracts and flights have skyrocketed.


“From the first hours a reactivation has been clearly noticed, fundamentally in companies such as EasyJet, waiting for Jet 2 or Tui to start landing, starting next week,” says Héctor Fernández, SPEL manager. “Undoubtedly, the dynamism that has occurred this weekend at the airport, in the reservation departments or in the call centers, makes it clear that there was a great desire for this situation to occur and that is how it has been, especially in the In the case of the United Kingdom, the reaction has been immediate, from the moment the British Government announced it ”.


Fernández believes that we must be cautious but optimistic. “The news we have is that this weekend, the occupation of the flights has been very high.”


Fernández believes that, if the low numbers of infected in Lanzarote are maintained, the winter season can be saved.


“Based on this weekend’s data, it could be said that the winter season would be saved, but the key will be to have the measures that guarantee health benevolence. The most important thing is to be able to maintain these data on good health behavior ”.


It should be noted that the German market has not yet reacted like the British one, but it is expected that connections with the Germanic country will also expand.