Congratulations to Puerto del Carmen and the borough of Tias who were awarded a `Special Mention for Distinguished Tourism´ in respect of the St Patrick’s Day celebrations held in March this year.

The presentation was made on the 24th September at the Cabildo in Arrecife as part of the annual awards presentations for world tourism day. The mayor of Tias, Pancho Hernandez, stressed that this recognition by members of the Tourism Distinguished Awards committee, attended by representatives of the Board, Public Institutions and tourist business associations, is a backup and reward for promotional activities developed from Puerto de Carmen for the loyalty of the Irish tourists.

Whilst we fully congratulate and support the recipients, as many of our original members, and long standing members of the Irish business community will know, the St Patrick Day Celebrations were first conceived many years ago by ourselves and with members from the Lanzarote Irish Community, many of whom invested a great deal of time and money into the events. Therefore we feel it would have been nice to have seen those people recognised and acknowledged for their efforts in launching this now successful event.