Last week Stoke City Ladies FC team came to stay in Lanzarote for a week of training, experiencing the island and playing matches against local Canarian teams.

Stoke City play in the Premier League of women’s football, and a big part of their trip was also to help promote women’s football in the Canary Islands and try to increase gender equality within sport.

On Wednesday 27th April 2016 they played a match against the Lanzarote Female Under 21 team at FC Puerto del Carmen’s stadium. There was an excellent atmosphere within the stadium with many supporters for both teams attending the match, and cheering their teams on. The game was hard fought as you will see from the video, with grit, determination and skill shown from both sides.

This brilliant week of promoting the women’s game was supported by the LBRA and two charities based in Lanzarote: Mararía ( and Tiemar (, both of which fight for female equality.

Stoke City now plan to return to Lanzarote on a yearly basis, to continue with the promotion of women’s football which is brilliant news for the Canary Islands!