Living in Lanzarote is an idyllic life – the sunshine, the people, the food, the landscape, the beach – all elements that make for a tranquil lifestyle, but if you have to work for a living, the 6am alarm clock is a way of life 6 days a week. Struggling to pull yourself out of bed to start another working day… so when it comes to Sunday, and the chance of a lie-in till a more reasonable hour, why oh why is it that your eyes open at silly-o’clock and refuse to allow you those extra few hours?

This weekend is no exception! The only solution is to pull yourself out of bed and get on with the things that should have been done by now anyway … but I’m not really complaining, looking out of the window now I’m witnessing the most beautiful Lanzarote sunrise… another one of the positives of life here, no grey October mornings here … and remembering another plus of Spanish life, the Siesta!! With everything up-to-date, a short stroll to the beach after lunch and catch up on some zzzz’s in the sunshine!