Thanks to LANCELOT DIGITAL – Susana Pérez: “Either direct aid comes to the sector, or the result will be dramatic”

The closure of England due to the lack of control of the pandemic in the United Kingdom has been the last blow to the tourist sector of Lanzarote that was already asking for water by signs. The President of Asolan, Susana Pérez, drew a bleak picture. “We are going to see what the EU says because we already know that there are countries that have limited entry,” he says. “As we know, the United Kingdom has a great weight in the Canary Islands and we expected in the next few days the arrival of a certain number of tourists who, without being many, were going to give some activity in the next Christmas holidays”.



For this reason, the president of the Lanzarote Tourist Federation has demanded an urgent response to the consequences of the coronavirus. Specifically, the employers have insisted on the need for a package of direct and exceptional aid in the face of the serious crisis that plagues the sector and avoid the bankruptcy of many small and medium-sized companies. “Looking ahead to 2021, which is expected to be very hard because there is talk of a third wave, but the effects of 2020 are already being noticed and if there are no direct aid to the sector, to professionals and freelancers and a considerable reduction in taxes and fees Undoubtedly, the result for a sector that is the economic engine of the island and accounts for 80 percent of its GDP and employment, will be dramatic, both because of the companies that are going to be destroyed and because of the increase in unemployment that does not it will be recovered in several years ”.



The Lanzarote Tourist Federation has warned that after ten months of paralysis in the industry, without sustained reactivation of activity due to the restrictions on mobility caused by the coronavirus, with constant closures in all international and national emitting countries, the This situation of ups and downs is unsustainable and will throw the sector into an unprecedented scenario with closures and unemployment figures never reached.