The mayor of Teguise, Juan Pedro Hernandez, the Councillor for Tourism, Oswaldo Betancourt, and the Director General of Tourism of the Canary Islands, Rita Hernandez, presented on Wednesday the new tourist website of the municipality,

This new tool is the hub of tourist outreach project of the municipality. From now on, all events, proposals and initiatives will be centralized on the page. “Joining forces, support to tourism businesses, promoting our land consistently, and have a fixed place where Teguise is not dispersed is the goal of this new site,” said Betancourt.

The site is in Spanish, and is also translated into German and English. In it, visitors can view events that take place in the town so they can organize their holiday. They can also directly book the hotel, apartment or villa they want after viewing it, take tours from the recreational activities, book tours, find out local news and see all the existing transportation (rental cars, buses, taxis, tour companies). In addition, tourists can leave their comments so that they can be used by others.

This page will now be the basis of all international tourist fairs in any promotional event, and will provide support for all lines of advertising for the City of Teguise.