Oswaldo Betancort says that “currently, the technical department is working on adapting the new contract to the Law of Contracts and that work is being done to avoid new breaches of certain companies with administrations, since we can not allow it to be played with the development of important municipal projects “. “They have made us lose a lot of time and we will take measures so that it does not happen again“, says the mayor of Teguise, evidencing his boredom about” dubious and questionable ways of proceeding from entities such as Joca Ingeniería y Construcciones. “” I share the indignation of the neighbors in the face of the frustration of waiting for an exciting project for children and young people of Costa Teguise for the lack of ethics of companies that not only do not comply with the stipulated, but also make the partridge dizzy, impeding the development of infrastructures as demanded as a sports city in a locality that, in addition to tourism, is residential “, he protested.


Teguise formalized the contract for the execution of the future Costa Teguise soccer field in May 2017 , once the announcement regarding the execution of the works contained in the project “Sports Installation of Soccer Field and Service Departments to the same, in Costa Teguise “and  sealed the award  to Joca Ingeniería y Construcciones SA 


Finally, after a long processing of the file, -with elaboration of municipal technical and legal reports, even reaching the Canary Islands Consultative Council-, the City Council announces that the termination resolution of the contract has been issued for non-compliance.