Following my blog last week … more good news to report regarding the installation of my new Telèfonica line with adsl.

Within the allotted 7 days, I received a call from the technician to say he wanted to arrange a day & time to carry out the necessary work.
Full time workers will appreciate that this is usually where the problems start, because these workers generally want to make the call / delivery at a time when you are working.

I explained the situation to the technician and he said he’d be happy to call on Saturday morning at 11am, to fit it in around my availability. .. and (I must admit) to my great surprise, at 10.55am Saturday, he arrived. The work took around half hour and I’m delighted to say the phone-line and adsl are working perfectly, and I’ve spent some time at the weekend making use of my ‘free’ minutes to my friends on Spanish mobiles.

Admittedly everything with Telèfonica was done in Spanish and there may have been a few problems with communication had I not been able to speak the language – but the whole experience has restored by faith in this service provider, which has received no end of bad press lately.