Airborne boarding and disembarking operations will be transferred to Terminal 1 of the César Manrique Airport in Lanzarote from June 21, the day the State of Alarm ends in Spain. Terminal 2 or inter-island will be inoperative from that day

That is, flights between islands and those that come or go to the peninsula or abroad, will have their base of operations in Terminal 1 for domestic or international flights.This decision has been adopted to concentrate all operations at the moment in the largest terminal of the airport, in order to concentrate security resources against Covid 19 until the situation returns to normal. During the state of alarm and due to the low demand for flights by the confinement, Aena chose to concentrate operations on Terminal 2 or inter-island.

Flights in the Canary Islands are expected to experience a large increase, with around a hundred flights a day, especially from July 1, when the first tourists from Spain and the European Union are expected to arrive.