Thank You

To the people of the Lanzarote Business Association

On behalf of the membership of our organization, The Reiki Alliance, we thank you for all the support given by your Association to the success of our Annual Conference that took place this past May in Playa Blanca.

We had a great time in Lanzarote and many of our members enjoyed some extra days in the island.

We appreciate your many ways of supporting us, since the very beginning when helped us in identifying the right places for our meeting, your knowledge of the island, to the organization of a tour for our free day, discounts in shops, guidance, and even having people of the Association that spoke different languages to help us at the registration desk, among many other ways.

We know that the Tourism Office supported us because you made it possible, thank you to your relationship with the local government.

80 members of our organization attended the Lanzarote conference, coming from different places like U.K, Australia, U.S.A., Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazahstan, Bulgaria, Barbados, Grenada, France, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark,and more. I am sure that many of them will come back to the island for a vacation!

Kind regards,

On Behalf of the Board of Directors
The Reiki Alliance


I wanted to join the many Reiki Masters saying, “Thank you so much for everything you did!”

The conference in Lanzarote was wonderful. You put so much personal effort into out gathering, and you did so many things to help us get things done and find our way around your amazing island. We much appreciated the support of the Lanzarote Business Association (especially the fact that they allowed us to monopolize your time while we were there!) and all the local business people. Our happy time in Lanzarote will live in our memories and I know that each of us will heartily recommend your island to every traveler and conference planner we know.
Thank you so much!

Kathy Harmony Gaston
A senior member of The Reiki Alliance


Thank you Cardiff City Football Club