This year is being hotter than 2022, as can be concluded from the weather reports for the first half of 2023 released by the Cabildo Data Center. Specifically, the average temperature between January and June was 20.9 degrees Celsius, consequently half a degree more than during the same period last year.

In particular, it was especially intense in terms of heat last month, since in June the average thermometer rose to 24.7 degrees Celsius. In the sixth month of 2022 the average had been 23.6 degrees.

The final days of June were especially suffocating, with moments when the thermometer exceeded 35 degrees in many parts of the island, especially in inland areas, with the risk of causing damage to crops.

The average high temperature of 2023 was accompanied in the first semester by rainfall below that recorded in the first half of 2022. In the first months of this year there were barely 23 days of rain, with an average balance of 30.8 millimeters of rainfall , with a zero balance in June in particular. In the first six months of last year the rainfall record was almost double, on 30 dates.

If the hot trend continues in this second part of the year, almost certainly 2023 will end as the hottest year of the millennium. The top dates from 2010, with an average value of 22.4 degrees.