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The Balearic Islands enter the “green list” of the United Kingdom; Canaries noThe situation of British tourism in the Canary Islands will remain the same, the islands will be like the rest of the country in Ámbar due to the bad epidemiological data in recent weeks that have penalized the possibility of leaving it. The good data from the Balearic Islands places them on the green list.


The United Kingdom Government has updated its ‘COVID traffic light’ this Thursday and has included the Balearic Islands in the green list, so that the British will be able to travel to the archipelago from next Wednesday without having to do quarantine or provide evidence of the coronavirus, as required for destinations in amber


The Balearic archipelago, with a 14-day cumulative incidence of 44 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, takes a crucial step to receive British tourists again from June 28, when the Covid-19 traffic light revision will come into force. The lifting of the restrictions supposes a balloon of oxygen for the British tourist industry and that of the Balearic Islands. Some five million tourists from Great Britain visited Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca each year before the pandemic.


On the contrary, both the Canary Islands and the mainland destinations will remain on the amber list for the next three weeks (the next review will take place on July 19).


In the case of the Canary archipelago, the omens of the hoteliers are fulfilled, who at the beginning of weeks showed their fear about the risk that the increase in cases in Tenerife would affect the whole of the islands. According to the data provided today by Health, the Canary Islands has a cumulative incidence at 14 days of 101.56 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The Spanish average is 92.


“The British will be able to travel freely, without quarantines or PCR on their return, to destinations included in the green list. On the other hand, to travel to destinations in amber, tourists must undergo two tests on their return, in addition to being quarantined during ten days, “says