Thanks to LANCELOT DIGITAL – The British ambassador reassures the English in the Canary Islands

The British Embassy in Madrid has sent information to Lancelot in English, as informed by our colleagues Liz and Larry Yaskiel, responsible for that publication,  in which they say that English people with residence and registered in the Canary Islands can rest assured when in the In January, the transition period for England’s departure from the European Union ends.

The English colony will continue to enjoy social and health rights such as schooling or free access to Spanish Public Health when England definitively breaks with the EU, which will happen from December 31st.

http:// The British ambassador in Spain has sent a video to the British community in Spain so that they know the situation in which English subjects will be left after the EU’s departure from their country.



Some more than 260,000 British reside in Spain; in fact, Spain is home to the largest British population, and therefore the most vulnerable to Brexit, of the entire EU. In the Canary Islands, where more than 5 million English tourists visit us a year, some 27,000 reside, most of them retired and with a residence permit. According to the latest confirmed data, about 8,000 British reside in Lanzarote