Today is celebrated the feast of Santa Rita, patron of the officials If you have to do some management today in the Cabildo or in any of the seven municipalities of the island, you better not waste time and wait until tomorrow as they are closed for the feast of Santa Rita, patron of the officials. 

Only the registries have opened today with minimum services as stipulated in the collective agreements of the public administration civil servants where they can deliver any documentation they need due to deadlines. The rest of the procedures that you have to carry out in the town hall or town hall will have to wait until tomorrow.

The day of Santa Rita is tomorrow May 22, but is celebrated today Monday to take advantage of the weekend and turn it into a bridge. Also because the officials themselves believe that less disorder is generated to the citizens with a day by means of festivity.

Some administrations have taken advantage of this weekend to celebrate their patronal feast, a meeting between workers who until a few years were paying for the public coffers but that the entrance of the crisis caused that now the workers themselves pay for it.