The Cabildo de Lanzarote has committed to save the oldest triathlon in the Canary Islands that this year celebrates its 26th edition, to avoid being suspended as the organizers presaged by not having the support of the City of Arrecife. “The test takes 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like it,”confirms the organization.

The president of the Club Naútico de Arrecife, Julio Romero, organizing institution of the event, advanced this morning in the program El Atril de Lancelot Radio 90.2 FM that seems that the test will be saved thanks to the intervention of the Cabildo who has not allowed to be lost , but on the contrary, the XXIV Crossing to Swim to San Ginés  will be lost, at least in this edition. Two of the most popular events on Lanzarote’s sports calendar that are on the line “due to the negligence of the City Council,” criticizes Romero.

From the organization confirm that they have been running for five months behind the councilman of Sports, Manuel Hernández, and it takes them long. “Once he tells us it’s intervention, another one that sends him the project and there’s no way”. In that sense confirms that with the previous councilman of the same area, the nationalist Jacobo Lemes “there was no problem and always showed enthusiasm for the test.” 

He criticizes that three triathlons will be lost in the city, such as the Ocean Lava, the Triace and the Casino “ and they do not care”. Romero is amazed at “apathy” by the capital’s government group, and criticizes the lack of “management capacity” of the leaders of the areas.


On the other hand, they also confirm that the Cabildo has lent their collaboration so that the test that will take place this Saturday, May 5, the Night Urban Race Disc that is in its fifth edition, so that it could move forward, can go ahead.