The feeling that the Government of Spain has not taken seriously the situation of a Canary Islands without tourism and the social and economic consequences that this situation entails, is increasingly widespread. The president of the Canary Islands Tourist Circle, Doris Borrego, was really outraged, yesterday, at the Café de Periodistas, at the lack of political commitment to the islands and asked the Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, to visit the Canary Islands to to check the drama that is lived.


“We have written an open letter to Reyes Maroto, in which we ask the Minister of Tourism to deign to come to the Canary Islands, to visit the tourist areas and to see the hotels, bars, shops and restaurants closed, everything It is closed, that you take a walk through the parking lots of the tourist buses and see them stops, as is the case with rental cars, that you come to see it so that you get an idea of ​​where it is advocating for not making decisions on time, ”he says.


Borrego insisted that there are no excuses for not doing tests at our airports, something that would give security to tourists and residents.


“Tourist corridors and tests for arriving travelers are not only important to receive tourists, but it is also important to safeguard the health of all our residents and workers, we cannot open borders without any control,” he says. “The Ministry of Tourism has an insurance arranged for those who arrive with covid are treated. That is no excuse”.

The representative of the Circle of Tourist Activities of the Canary Islands is clear that tourists want to come on vacation to the Canary Islands and that because of the Spanish Government they do not come. “The truth is that tourists want to come, that is the question. If they are tested on entry and exit, we guarantee that they will return to their country without the virus. For them traveling is part of their culture, it is not a luxury. And they are showing it. Turkey, Greece or Portugal have implemented it and are receiving thousands of tourists who are escaping us due to the neglect of our Government ”.

Borrego points out that Europe itself describes a bleak panorama for Spain and the Canary Islands if measures are not adopted.