The Government of the Canary Islands is studying limiting access to the interior of certain public establishments available to the EU’s covid digital certificate as one of the new measures to control the pandemic in the islands, which this week will maintain the same epidemiological levels, except for Fuerteventura, which It rises to level 3 and La Palma, which goes to 2. The Government spokesman, Julio Pérez, and the Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo, have reported at the press conference after the Governing Council that the mandatory nature of this certificate will be studied in those establishments in which there is “some social relationship” and which will be addressed next week at the hotel and restaurant sector table.


They have indicated that this new measure is added to the approval by the Council of Ministers of the sale in pharmacies of antigen tests, which is another of the requirements that is being considered to request to access the places that it is intended to ensure against the coronavirus.


Julio Pérez recalled that more than half a million people have already downloaded the covid certificate, which includes diagnostic tests and those who have had the disease for a period of 180 days, and has clarified that, ultimately, what is The aim is to extend to other types of establishments what has already been done in tourist accommodation.


Likewise, he has said that in the Canary Islands the number of fully vaccinated already reaches one million people and that if necessary, the way to obtain the certificate will be expedited.