The Canary Islands will not give up if the Supreme Court overthrows the perimeter closure on the islands

The Canary Islands is not willing to give up on the issue of the perimeter closure of the islands. The president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has affirmed that he is at the expense of what the Supreme Court (TSJC) decides on the perimeter closure and has pointed out that if his Government rejects it, he will seek other measures within the margins of the law.


In statements to Cadena Ser, the top regional leader recalled that the TS prosecutor – who requested the inadmissibility of the appeal due to the restrictions on the islands – has not said the same as the autonomous community prosecutor, who was in favor of that perimeter closure, as well as two of the six magistrates of the TSJC, who are also in favor.


“We have to wait for the ruling of the Supreme Court,” he said. “What we are raising is an objective question. We do not close the islands just for the sake of it, but we ask that if at a certain time, that today we do not have it anywhere. , an island increases in contagions and reaches alert level 3, that we can close that island, which does not prevent us from entering or leaving because it would be done with a negative test but we would control in an insular way the island that is worse so that it does not lead others to be. ”

Finally, Torres has especially emphasized that what the Government of the Canary Islands is asking for is “common sense” because it has already been seen that it is a measure that has worked, highlighting that it is a health issue and not a subjective measure.