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Last Sunday the Lanzarote airport broke a record with the arrival of almost 50 aircraft from different destinations in Europe and the Spanish peninsula after jumping the pandemic in March 2019.

It should be noted above all the more than ten flights that arrived yesterday from Great Britain, four from London. It is true that the planes in Europe are not full, an average of 60% of their capacity is estimated.

Even so, from the sector the increase in air seats to Lanzarote is valued positively.

The vice president of Asolan, Héctor Pulido, pointed out that “the increase in the arrival of flights, we interpret it from the recovery of confidence in the destination. We know that it is very well received in the issuing markets, and this is very good because you can see that the sector is increasingly lively ”, he says.

With regard to peninsular tourism, things look better. “The national market is working very well and also the inter-island, both markets contribute to the joy that we are seeing on the walks, on the beaches and in the restaurants,” he says.

On the other hand, the arrival of tourists registered these days ago is not enough to fill the hotels that, in July, with 60% of the accommodation floor open, has not reached an occupancy of more than 50% on average. “The beginnings were very weak, 30 percent, more or less, so I estimate that the end of the month will be 40 percent, or something like that,” he says.

But, how will August come touristically? “The forecasts are a little better in terms of hotel occupancy, and we hope that they will be consolidated and that it will be the beginning of an autumn that will lead us to a good winter.”

On the other hand, on the controversial rise to level two in Lanzarote when there is only one person admitted to the Hospital, for the vice president of Asolan, it has its pros and cons, although he believes that it will not have much repercussion, at least, in the tourism sector.