Entrepreneurs hope that the measures announced by the Canarian Government will be those expected and needed by those who cannot meet their obligations due to the limitations of schedules, capacity and activities.

Companies and freelancers whose activity has reduced or limited the administration have not received the aid announced for months. This has been denounced by the Círculo de Empresarios y Profesionales del Sur de Tenerife (CEST), from which the Government of the Canary Islands is complained that the aid lines – in which the Executive is working – contribute in a truly effective way to avoid the closure of hundreds of companies with the consequent dismissal of thousands of workers. “Either the aid arrives or in the coming months the closings and bankruptcies will accelerate, without the possibility of recovering or rescuing them, to thousands of companies and consequently tens of thousands of jobs,” said the president of CEST, Roberto Ucelay.


Businessmen and professionals hope that the regional government will specify as soon as possible the aid and aid measures that are needed to respond to the agonizing situation that those who have seen their activity reduced or stopped as a result of sanitary restrictions and of the tourist zero caused by COVID-19.


In this sense, the Círculo de Empresarios del Sur hopes that the package of measures that the regional government will announce in the coming days, with the commitment to specify them before the end of the month, among other lines of action, will offer solutions to companies and professionals who, without having received aid since March 15, 2020, continue to pay garbage taxes, the Economic Activities Tax (IAE), the Real Estate Tax (IBI), leases or, among other payments, social security of the personnel under ERTE and other payments.


In the opinion of the CEST, companies and professionals with little income due to the restrictions imposed on their economic activities – with time and capacity limitations – will hardly be able to stay open until in the summer months tourist occupation begins to rebound. The Círculo del Sur understands that companies that have in the restoration, leisure, excursions, commerce, gyms or theme parks and other affected activities will not be able to avoid their closure if they do not receive direct aid and fiscal measures that relieve your financial situation urgently.