The children of the boat that arrived in Arrieta last Saturday to Lanzarote , seeing that no security cash was waiting for them on the ground, called 112 to take charge of them.


An avalanche of minors that has arrived in the last weeks to the islands and that has been very questioned because the image that the boys gave was not the image of the immigrants who left their land leaving behind misery and poverty, but on the contrary , presented an image that could be of a stable economic level. It is now evident that these guys know their rights perfectly and hope that when they arrive on the island they will be awaited by the security forces. 


The Minister of Social Welfare, Maite Corujo, confirms that immigrants have contacts on the islandand that they know exactly what they have to do once they step on Spanish territory also covered by European laws. 


Note that there are already 3 5 boats that have arrived in Lanzarote since April of this year 2018. The number of children is around 200 and after several shipments to centers in other islands, there are currently 150 or 160 immigrants on the island. minors.