Another blow for the economy of the Canary Islands. England is confined until next December 2 with the aim of stopping infections that already exceed one million cases. The English, the main tourists to the islands, will not be able to leave home except for essential matters such as going to the doctor or buying food.


The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced this Saturday that he is “firmly confident that, with these measures, we will be able to allow families to reunite in the next Christmas holidays.” This confinement represents a resounding blow to the arrival of English to the Canary Islands and the tour operator Jet2, so weighed down by the health crisis.


The news comes at a time when the Canary archipelago had once again become one of the destinations most in demand due to the low incidence of Covid-19. It has even been approved that all tourists, national and international, have to present a negative coronavirus test to stay on the islands .


The forecasts of recovering part of the tourism in the autumn season seem to be fading, since the confinement of England accompanies that of Germany, another of the main markets. In addition, according to Johnson, the restrictions will affect, in principle, the 56 million inhabitants of England, “but it is not ruled out that they will extend to the rest of the United Kingdom”.