Thanks to LANCELOT DIGITAL – The covid destroyed 112,800 jobs in the Canary Islands in 2020


The covid pandemic has destroyed the islands’ economy, destroying a total of 112,800 net jobs during 2020, not counting the workers affected by ERTE, in a year in which the crisis caused by the coronavirus sank its main driver , tourism, at zero or very low activity levels for months.


In the whole of Spain, the impact of the pandemic caused a total of 622,600 jobs to be lost: the figures published this Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics reveal that one in every five jobs destroyed was from the Canary Islands.


The Labor Force Survey (EPA) for the fourth quarter shows that this is the magnitude by which the number of employed persons in the Canary Islands has fallen in one year, while the unemployment rate has grown by almost seven points, from 18, 78% to 25.22%, to become the highest at this time in the entire country.


The total number of unemployed on the islands rose less in the balance for the year, specifically by 61,600 people, 28.33% year-on-year, but due to a statistical effect: the active population of the Canary Islands (the one that has a job, even if it is in ERTE, or actively looking for it) has decreased by 51,200 people in the last twelve months.


The Government of the Canary Islands has been arguing for months in the negotiation of European and State aid that the islands are the community hardest hit by the crisis in economic and employment terms.


The end-of-year EPA gives him part of the reason: the Canary Islands is the community that has destroyed the most jobs in proportion to the size of its job market, with a 12.0% drop in the number of employed that multiplies by four the lived in the country as a whole, which is 3.12%. The other major tourist community in Spain, the Balearic Islands, lost 8.12% of its jobs last year.


However, with a rise in unemployment of 28.33%, the Canary Islands are not the community where unemployment has grown the most in the last twelve months: in the Balearic Islands it has soared by 75.22%, in Madrid it has risen by 36, 24%, in Catalonia 32.56% and in Navarra 28.85%.


In this comparison it also influences that the Canary Islands is the community where the active population has decreased the most; that is, where more people have lost their jobs or stopped looking for a job.


Specifically, its assets have been reduced by 4.43%, ten times more than the rest of the country (-0.41%). In the same economic and health context, the Balearic Islands have seen their assets grow slightly (0.14%).

At the moment, in the Canary Islands there are 279,000 unemployed, representing a quarter of its workforce (25.22%). Of these, 135,200 are men, whose unemployment rate is 23.45%, and 143,800 are women, with a rate of 27.27%.