The Canary Islands Tourist Circle has issued a statement requesting the union of all political and business forces, as well as social groups, in absolute support of the Government of the Canary Islands, in order to save tourism in the Archipelago, a sector that, as they claim, he is in the ICU.


“There are many months claiming that PCR tests are required at origin to give maximum security to tourists, our workers and society as a whole, without an effective response from the State Government. Furthermore, the Canary Islands were a pioneer in requesting it and, even though this requirement has been implemented in other countries, it continues to not take a step forward. Meanwhile, our industry has not only diminished, but is also dragging other subsectors such as commerce, restaurants, real estate and leisure. We are doomed to economic and social ruin due to an astonishing and unacceptable neglect of the Central Government. With 317,000 people currently unemployed and / or in the ERTE and with no expectation of a winter season just around the corner, Tourism is in the UCI and it is necessary to take urgent measures ”,


“We have reached the limit that 1 in 3 canaries is in total uncertainty about their future employment. Companies work under permanent insecurity, without knowing if they will have to close the next day. One in every 4 companies is in technical bankruptcy ”.


The CTC proposes that PCR tests be required of all tourists at origin with a maximum of 72 hours before starting the trip and that the cost be assumed by the tourists themselves and / or TTOO. “The cost is minimal and is covered by the health insurance of the issuing countries. Otherwise, the cost for a traveler is perfectly acceptable. If our competitors in the winter season like Egypt can, we can too ”, they argue.


They also ask “that the measures to contain the virus on the islands be tightened. The contagion figures do not stop rising and it is absolutely necessary to take more measures, before the islands are closed to the few emitting countries that still operate ”.


To do this, the following is proposed with additional reinforcements:


  1. Strengthen the control of parties and private bottles
  2. Prohibition of weddings, baptisms, events, etc.
  3. Control over capacity and preventive measures on tourist excursions, especially large-capacity boats
  4. Temporary closure of sports centers and parks
  5. Control of capacity on the beaches
  6. Permanent patrols that control compliance with the rules in places of great influx


These measures are also considered essential in view of the imminent restart of school activity. 


“Without a doubt, we can still reverse the situation and it is in our hands to achieve it”, they conclude.

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