We are in the middle of the political campaign, not only in Lanzarote but in all Spain, as it began a week ago, on the 38th day after the call for elections, and lasts for 15 days.

The campaign concludes at midnight of the day before the voting day and every party will have their big meetings called “Cierre de campaña” on that day, Friday 20th May.

The following day, no electoral propaganda can be communicated, neither can

any electoral campaign action take place. This is known as “day of reflection”, and we are lucky enough to have the Lanzarote Ironman to enjoy on that day.

Public campaign actions performed by political formations are regulated by legislation on the freedom of assembly envisaged in the Spanish Constitution. Local Councils have the obligation to reserve official local facilities and public places to be used free of charge by political parties to hold campaign actions.

During this period, the public authorities can issue institutional publicity to inform citizens on different issues related to the voting procedure and the recquirements and process of postal voting. These slots are given free of charge.