The English who reside on the island and who have economic interests in Lanzarote do not understand the measure that the British Government has taken to impose a quarantine on tourists who come to the Canary Islands. Daniel Trigg, representative of the Association of Foreign Entrepreneurs in Lanzarote, believes that pressure from the English themselves in Great Britain will require the Executive to make an exception with the Canary Islands.


Trigg assures that the Canary Islands is “an exception, with wonderful health”, pointing out, in this sense, that in the Archipelago “we have all the protocols for when” tourists arrive. “They have to understand that we live exclusively from tourism; if they do not come, we cannot survive,” he laments.


The Briton, who was at the Café de Periodistas, announced that no one knows how to control this quarantine. Not even the English police themselves are clear. “In England the police have already announced that they do not know how they are going to control the quarantine obligation, and this is a problem,” says the businessman.


For this English resident in Lanzarote, the British people comply with the laws when they make sense, but right now, they are somewhat disconnected. “The population respects power when they are right”, he introduces, and continues by indicating that in the United Kingdom “there is a little bit of discontent because ideas change every day and they want people to change their holidays” when the law does not cover repayment of money if reservations are canceled due to quarantine.


What is clear, in general, the foreign community on the islands, is that coming to Lanzarote today has no problem because being in the Canary Islands is safer than in England itself, where there are more cases of Covid-19. “People put their hands to their heads,” says Trigg, given that the Canary Islands “are further from the peninsula than the United Kingdom,” he says, referring to the fact that it is a mistake to compare the situation of the Islands with that of the rest of Spain. .


The optimism that Trigg showed in this interview is not in line with the British Government. Down Street stressed yesterday that it not only maintained quarantine for those arriving in England, but also included the Canary Islands among the destinations not recommended for touring the Covid-19. A whole slap in the face of the Spanish Government, which was negotiating with England an exit for the two Archipelagos that would allow tourists to come to the islands without forcing them to quarantine