The Aemet has lowered the situation in Lanzarote from an orange alert to a pre-alert due to high temperatures and predicts maximum temperatures of between 34 and 36 degrees for the day this Monday.


The heat remained in Lanzarote all weekend, being especially noticeable on Sunday when the maximum of 36.1 degrees was reached at the Lanzarote airport.


According to the meteorological stations that Aemet has on the island, 34.2 degrees were registered in Tías; 33 in Yaiza; 31.2 degrees in Haría; 28.1 in La Graciosa and 27.7 grade in Tinajo.


From the Consortium of Security and Emergencies of the Cabildo de Lanzarote they recall the recommendations in the face of rising temperatures: 


– Protect yourself from the sun and heat.


– It is recommended to stay in places protected from the sun as long as possible and in the coolest rooms in the house. During the

As for the wind, it will decrease its intensity slightly, blowing at an average of about 30 kilometers per hour the rest of the week from the north or northeast.


hours of sunshine, roll down window blinds where it touches.


– Open the windows of the house at night to cool it.


– It is convenient to use some type of air conditioning (fans, air conditioning) to cool the environment.


– Bear in mind that when entering or leaving places there are sudden changes in temperature that may affect you.


– In the street, avoid direct sun. Wear a hat or hat, wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.


– Try to walk in the shade, be under an umbrella on the beach and rest in cool places on the street or in closed spaces that are heated.


– Always carry water and drink often


– Never leave children or elderly people inside a closed vehicle.


– Avoid going out and doing prolonged physical exercises in the middle of the day, which is when it is hotter. Reduce physical activity in the hottest hours.


– Take light and regular meals, drinks and foods rich in water and mineral salts, such as fruits and vegetables, to help you replace the salts lost through sweat.


– Do not drink alcoholic beverages. Avoid foods that are very hot and high in calories.


– Help others. If you know elderly or sick people who live alone, visit them once a day.