This cloudy and calm sky is the prelude to a heat wave that will affect us especially this Saturday when the thermometers reach 34 degrees. The State Metereology Agency (Aemet) has posted the yellow notice until Saturday.


“We are on alert for maximum temperatures. This Saharan air … Starts today (this Friday). Tomorrow (Saturday) is the day that will be more accentuated and we will have at different points over 34 degrees. The good thing we have Today is that the sky is completely covered with calima, “said Enrique Espinosa, manager of the Security and Emergency Consortium of the Canary Islands Government.



The councils of the authorities are linked to extreme caution, especially in exposure to the sun and also with regard to the risk of fires, as there are islands such as Gran Canaria that face temperatures above 40 degrees. In fact, the Regional Executive has asked to avoid climbing to the summit if it is not necessary.


“A lot of hydration, the issue of allergic people a lot of caution. If they don’t have to go out they don’t do it and if they go to the beach they don’t go to the central hours,” advises Espinosa.


This Friday the thermometers already marked 29 degrees in the capital, partly driven by the absence of wind.