Susana Pérez: “Tourism occupancy and billing has dropped by 90% in 2020” The hotel sector does not expect any economic movement in the next three months and does not expect improvements until Easter

The president of the Lanzarote Tourist Federation, Susana Pérez, has described the year 2020 just ended as disastrous, alluding to the lethal blow given by the effects of Covid 19 to the island’s tourism sector. Pérez estimates that occupancy has been able to drop by 90 percent in the last year. “We can anticipate that 2020 has been an absolutely dramatic and disastrous year, especially in recent months in which it has been impossible to overcome and reactivate the economy as we hoped to be able to do,” explains Pérez. “After the summer season, we started the autumn pending the winter season, relying on the low index accumulated in the Canary Islands, especially in Lanzarote, but for various reasons, it has been completely impossible to overcome.”


Pérez assures that “there has not been a winter campaign, not even Christmas. The data that we have up to November announce a drastic drop in occupancy of 90 percent. In November there was barely ten percent occupancy and in December we will find the same thing, ”he says.


Pérez also highlights the impact on the destruction of employment in Lanzarote that has the fact of having decreased so much in the occupation of hotels and apartments. “The staff employed in the hotels was about 10,000 workers in 2019, this year it did not exceed 1,500.”