The island remains at the same level until April 29

Lanzarote will continue for one more week, at least, in Phase 2. The restrictions will be the same and there has been no change in this regard on the easternmost island of the archipelago. But what could and could not be done?


With all the changes that we have undergone in recent months, there are many people from Lanzarote who are not clear about some things. These are some of the keys:


Curfew. It is established from 23.00 to 06.00 hours.


Capacity in public and private spaces. Non-partner meetings are limited to a maximum of six people. In the event that all those gathered live together, this limit can be exceeded.


Hotels and restaurants. It is limited to a maximum of six people per table. The capacity must be 75%, in the case of terraces, and 50% indoors. The establishment must be closed before the curfew begins (23.00 hours).


Sports field. Activity is allowed inside and outside the sports venues, provided that the maximum of six non-living people per group is not exceeded, counting on the monitor, in the event that the distance of two meters cannot be maintained . The capacity of these establishments is limited to 75%. Likewise, non-professional federated sports activity can be resumed in modalities with more than 10 people.


Exit and enter the island. It is allowed, even if there is no good cause.



Visits to hospitals and health centers. They are limited to the supervision of the center itself.