The Canary Islands will launch a new airline shortly. In effect, it will be launched by Tenerife hoteliers (Ashotel) who have already acquired their first aircraft, as published in Diario de Avisos. It is an Airbus purchased from Atlantic Airways, as anticipante, the first step to bring a continuous flow of tourists to the Islands, one of the objectives of the association.


Jorge Marichal, president of Ashotel, had stated for more than a year, before the coronavirus crisis came, that a “model change” had begun in international tourism and tour operators seemed “called to disappear like the dinosaurs did. they did millions of years ago ”, in favor of a“ more flexible, faster and cheaper model, which puts the customer back at the center, who is the one who can organize their vacations at the touch of a mobile phone and within a world of brokerage services completely virtual ”.


Despite the fact that the company does not yet have a name, it would start operating shortly, waiting for hoteliers in the province of Las Palmas to also join the project.