Thanks to LANCELOT DIGITAL –  The new Gran Hotel opens its doors

A great renovation and modernization of the common areas and rooms has been carried out that will give a plus to the accommodation plant of Arrecife

The Arrecife Gran Hotel reopens its doors after many months of work on the comprehensive reform of one of the capital’s flagships.

Armando Santana, Arrecife Tourism Councilor, did not hesitate to affirm that “for us it symbolizes everything… Arrecife is a municipality with few accommodation places and this is the largest hotel of the four and the one with the highest category of all, in terms of stars. ”, He says. “We waited for its reopening because it means that tourism is once again a reality in Arrecife.”

The hotel management is satisfied with the improvement of the facilities and with this they hope to recover for Arrecife a tourist profile with a high purchasing power.


Luis Miguel Morales, director of the Arrecife Gran Hotel, assured that, in addition to being exciting, “it has been a challenge to get the property involved and bet on this reform. It is something that we have been asking for for a long time because we wanted to attract quality tourism, of high standing and I think that now, after the reform, we can opt for it “, he points out, pointing out that Arrecife deserves it, explaining the different suites with the that has the renovated establishment. “We have various types of suites and 56 double rooms. In total we have 160 rooms ”.


In this regard, they have opted for the latest technology to be able to look to the future with guarantees and, precisely for this reason, the reserves in this reopening are responding to expectations. “The response has been very good, when we open sales we have increased reservations every day and we are receiving many requests for high-class rooms, such as imperial rooms,” he explains. “Expectations for September are positive. I want to highlight the home automation that we have used for the rooms because we were clear that one of the keys was to bet on new technologies ”.


Good news, after many months, tomorrow the first reservations will arrive at the renovated Arrecife Gran Hotel