SOURCE and PHOTOGRAPHY:  The Voice of Lanzarote and Centro de Datos

The increase in the cost of credit due to the successive increases in rates by the European Central Bank in the last year, has caused  the increase in prices to moderate in recent months, although it continues to rise in all the municipalities  of Lanzarote.

The most expensive square meter on the island is in the municipality of  Yaiza , where it costs an average of  3,210  euros. At the beginning of the year it cost 2,974  euros, according to the Lanzarote Data Center according to statistics from the real estate portal.

The second most expensive municipality to purchase a home on the island is  Tías . There, the square meter costs an average of  2,795 euros , although  compared to January it has hardly changed , then it cost 2,766 euros.

Teguise  is the third most expensive municipality on the island, although  its prices have not experienced major changes since the beginning of 2023 either . Currently, the square meter costs an average of  2,255  euros. In January it was worth  2,231  euros.

In July  , Haría  surpassed the barrier of 2,000 euros per square meter for the first time. Specifically, it costs an average of  2,024 euros , when in  January it was sold at 1,876  euros. 

For its part, the square meter in  San Bartolomé  once again exceeds 2,000 euros, which has not happened since February, and stands at  2,014  euros. Despite this, it is the  only municipality where apartments cost less than at the beginning of the year , when the metro was sold for  2,138  euros. 

Since  May , when the square meter was at  1,846  euros in  Tinajo , Idealista has not published data for this municipality as there are not enough announcements to offer a reasonable calculation. At the beginning of the year, the square meter cost 1,705  euros  on average in Tinajo  .