Oswaldo Betancort held a meeting on Wednesday with the general director of Tourism Infrastructure, Héctor Suárez, in which the tourism council of the Canary Islands Government assured that the new tender for the Las Cucharas walkway project “is underway and will be able to see the light at the end of October ” , as Suárez said.

The mayor of Teguise thanked the general director in the City Hall, but warned that from Teguise “there will be an exhaustive follow-up of this contracting procedure and the execution of the work until its end, since we have already too many years pending to solve a stagnant project, and whose achievement is fundamental and necessary for Costa Teguise “.

“We accept in good faith that all the suggestions of our technicians and our citizens have been solved to improve the project, and also the fact that the economic match has increased, but we will not rest until we see that it becomes a reality and that they are complied with. the requirements of quality and efficiency demanded in the specifications, “he added. To this end, Betancort called on Héctor Suárez and his technical team to hold weekly meetings in Teguise, which will continue next Wednesday.

During the phases of review and preparation of the new project, the budget has increased considerably, reaching 1.8 million euros, whose investment will be aimed at improving the pedestrian zone of Las Cucharas Avenue, not only modifying the pavement, but also which also includes the provision of viewpoints, urban picnic areas, children’s areas and sports circuits in its new proposal.