As expected, the storm that settled in the Canary Islands yesterday, has arrived punctually to Lanzarote on the southern slope of the island , where there have already been heavy rainfall in the municipality of Yaiza. 


Already, at 10 o’clock in the morning the rain had already covered a large part of the territory of Lanzarote and it is expected to continue the showers that may be locally intense, even, the AEMET announces that 15 liters per square meter can be registered in one hour. 



The forecasts are that from midnight, little by little, the rainfall will subside and by Friday, the possible showers will be weaker. 



This beginning of autumn is considered one of the rainiest , not so much because of the water that fell in one day, but because of the number of days in which it has rained. This has made the image of Lanzarote go from the classic canelo to an unusual green still in the month of November.