The report ‘Lanzarote in figures’ shows a 9% reduction in the business fabric in 2020


The Cabildo presents a digital document with the update of the main economic, geographical, demographic, social and environmental figures of the Island

The Data Center of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, a department attached to the Education Area, coordinated by the counselor Paula Corujo, has published the document Lanzarote in 2020 figures in which the negative impact that the pandemic has had on the socioeconomic development of the island and that includes a 9% reduction in the business fabric, with the disappearance of a total of 456 companies compared to 2019, going from 5,060 to 4,601 companies.

This is one of the main variations registered by the island’s socio-economic indicators in 2020 and which is collected in the twenty-eight-page digital document that summarizes the main economic, geographical, demographic, social and environmental figures of the Island last year.

” Having these statistics gives us a clear vision of how the impact of the pandemic has affected almost all the indicators, analyze them and be able to act accordingly,” explained the head of the area, Paula Corujo.

Apart from the company figures, the publication Lanzarote in 2020 figures also includes other economic indicators such as the unemployment rate, the cultivated area and types of economic activities. It also includes the main tourist indicators, the entry of tourists, holiday homes, etc.

In addition, it offers demographic information related, for example, to the origin of the island’s residents, of which 24% are of foreign nationality, mainly British, Moroccans, Colombians, Italians and Germans.

The publication, edited in Spanish and English, can be downloaded free of charge from the Lanzarote Data Center website: .

In addition to this service, the Data Center also offers historical information through the so-called Digital Memory of Lanzarote ( ), which offers the user thousands of photographs, videos and historical documents of the island.