How has the summer season started in Lanzarote? The answer goes by neighborhoods. The restoration in tourist areas indicates that more or less well. The tourist villa complexes or apartments in La Graciosa are already with more than 90% occupancy and expect to be 100% in August.

On the other hand, the problem is in the large hotel complexes and open apartments, just over 50% of the accommodation plant in Lanzarote. Occupancy in these hotels is low, around 40% on average, although they expect to improve in August.

The Councilor for Tourism of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, Ángel Vázquez, wants to be optimistic, although he acknowledges that in such a changing panorama what is white today is black tomorrow. “In tourist villas and that, it is going well, because tourists do not share common areas, and also in hotels that do not work with English and Germans,” he explains, pointing out that those that do, remain closed because they have no activity. “It’s a shame, but it’s not something we can control. The United Kingdom and Germany are the ones who decide not to recommend traveling to Spain, and logically it affects us ”.


Vázquez points out that everything continues to depend on the evolution of Covid 19 and the increase in infections in the Canary Islands is harming Lanzarote. “In numbers we are the island that has the best conditions to receive tourists, but they put us in the joint package that is the Canary Islands and Spain. We can do nothing more than wait for the figures to improve and that on July 19, which is when they said that the United Kingdom would lift part of the quarantine of those vaccinated, do so ”.


Lanzarote continues to rely on the good performance of Peninsular Tourism. “If we continue with these numbers, there will be no problem and we hope that national tourism will help us at the beginning of this summer campaign.”

The Tourism Minister gave a very positive assessment of the Vueling flight that connects Lanzarote directly with Mallorca. “The company asked us to do it, so we understand that it must have good numbers for it,” he says. “We are two very similar islands, with very similar tourists and we share the nautical theme.”


On the other hand, say that today the deadline to register for the draw for the tourist voucher ends where more than 110 thousand canaries have registered