The ‘VIII Festival Enogastronómico Saborea Lanzarote’ turns this weekend to Teguise in the epicenter of the Atlantic cuisine through the select elaborations based on the exquisite local products that are offered in the nearly one hundred exhibitors installed between restaurants, wineries, dairies , producers, gastronomic hotels, craft breweries and sweet cooking establishments.


The president of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, Pedro San Ginés (CC), accompanied by the insular advisor of Economic Promotion and Tourism Promotion, Ángel Vázquez (PP); the counselor responsible for the areas related to the primary sector of the island, Antonio Morales (CC); the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Water of the Government of the Canary Islands, Narvay Quintero; the mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort; and the mayoress of La Graciosa, Alicia Páez; Among other public representatives, he made a tour of the stands of the Festival on Saturday, which has already counted on its first day with thousands of visitors.



San Ginés considered that the Festival Enogastronómico Saborea Lanzarote, “if not the most important one , is one of the Canary Islands reference festivals with an extraordinary audience response, which is exceeded every year and consolidates Lanzarote as a gastronomic destination of relevance”.


For his part, Ángel Vázquez said that the Festival not only “has managed to highlight the local product, base and foundation of Saborea Lanzarote, but also the celebration of the International Congress of Gastronomic Journalism has projected Lanzarote as an international reference tourist destination linked to gastronomy. “


First working day

The first day of the Festival, which has had another year with the support of Saborea Spain through the presence of the destinations Saborea Gran Canaria, Saborea Tenerife, Saborea Sevilla, Saborea Vinarós, Saborea Trujillo and Saborea Cambrils, has had among its acts highlights the ronqueo of the tuna provided by the Organization of Producers of Tunas and Fresh Fishing of Lanzarote (OPTUNA 42) with which the participants in the Popular Cooking Contest, sponsored by AVA Selección, will prepare their dishes on Sunday.


Also outstanding was the presence in the Aula del Gusto of the five Michelin stars, Paco Pérez, in the opinion of the gastronomic critic one of the chefs that best interprets the postulates of the cuisine of El Bulli de Ferrá Adriá; as well as Diego Guerrero, 2 Michelin stars; María José San Román and Pepe Solla, both 1 Michelin star; and the pastry chef and one of the great references of the sweet kitchen, Jordi Butrón.


Outstanding poster that will continue this Sunday in the same space with the presence of the 1 Michelin star Juan Carlos Padrón; the representative of the local restoration Víctor Bossecker or those in charge of offering the best preparations of the Atlantic Cuisine Marcos Tavío, Jorge Peñate, David Brandad and Abraham Ortega.


The public responded massively to the appointment

The showcookings, talks, letters and tastings based on the Atlantic cuisine also took the attention as those carried out by the chef Antonio Amenedo, from A Coruña Cociña, and Pedro Santana from Lanzarote Cocina, in the Aula Saborea Lanzarote that from the 11.30 am on Sunday will host the ‘VIII Popular Kitchen Contest of the Sea to the Cauldron: The Tuna’.


As usual, the youngest members of the house take center stage in the Aula Chinijo Chef, which this year features the finalist of the TVE MásterChef Junior program, Aina Roglan , and the Head of the School of Hospitality Area. Joviat, Daniel Simón; while in the Casa del Producto Canario, located in the Museum of the Timple (Spinola Palace) you can taste authentic gastronomic gems of the eight islands of the Archipelago in its three spaces: Gastronomic Classroom, Cheese Hall and Wine Room.


The concert of the pop-rock group Graduado Escolar put the finishing touch to the first day of the ‘VIII Festival Enogastronómico Saborea Lanzarote’, organized by the Cabildo de Lanzarote, the City Council of Teguise, Lanzarote Tourism and Saborea Lanzarote.