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The planes continue to arrive with droppers at the Lanzarote-César Manrique Airport. What’s more, those who arrive this Monday can be counted on the fingers of one hand: Valencia (8:30), Seville (10:00), Barcelona (11:55), Madrid (13:35) and Dublin (14:45) ).

The main tourist-sending countries have imposed strict mobility restrictions to curb infections, and this is coupled with the fact that now, with Lanzarote at alert level 3, the entry and exit of people from the islands is restricted except for justified movements.

However, tourists can continue to come to Lanzarote both from the peninsula and the Balearic Islands as well as from Europe, as long as they enter with a negative PCR carried out before 72 hours of taking the flight. Of course, they have to meet the requirement of staying in a tourist establishment and that the reason for the trip is to visit family and friends.


Barely 5% of the hotel plant remains open, since the few hotels that were still open are closing due to lack of customers.