Thanks to LANCELOT DIGITAL -These are the measures that are still in force in Lanzarote

From yesterday you can go out on the street without a time limit throughout the Canary Islands, it is true. Or at least it is until the Supreme Court rules, since that is what the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands decided, destroying everything that the Government of the Canary Islands had requested.


However, there are measures in force on the island that continues at level 2 due to the covid pandemic and they are the following:


Maximum capacity in public or private spaces: 6 people, except cohabitants.


Hotel and restaurant establishments: maximum 6 people per table on terraces and 4 people per table indoors. In addition, the premises are closed before 11:00 pm, with a maximum capacity of 75% on outdoor terraces and 50% indoors. Bar: maximum 2 people.


Sports activity inside the facilities and outside: maximum 6 people / group, including monitor if you cannot keep a distance of two meters. Maximum capacity: 75% in each outdoor space and 50% in each indoor room.


Non-professional federated sports activity is allowed in modalities with more than 10 people, always without exceeding the maximum necessary for the development of the activity.


Capacity reduced to 50% in public transport.


Limited visits under the supervision of the center to hospitals.