A terrible night. Three boats rescued. A sinking and a miraculous rescue. That could be the summary of what happened between the night of Sunday, October 1 and the early morning of Monday, October 2, a beginning of the month with summer weather that has been a real call for immigration. 


And the emergency services have had to deal with the rescue of three inflatable boats and have faced the distressing sinking of a fourth 78 kilometers east of the island.


Fortunately, the Moroccan fishing vessel “Maranda” managed to pick up 41 of the people who were on the high seas and the Guardamar Polimnia another two.


However, as published by several local media, the survivors of the shipwreck themselves have raised the alarm: not only two people are missing as was believed, there are seven missing. According to the version of those who have managed to save themselves, 3 other men, 3 women and a child close to four years old were traveling with them, but they have not appeared.


For now, the search continues.