José Juan Cruz will once again be mayor of Tías when some already gave him as a hopeless politician in his town, after losing the mayor’s office in favor of the popular Pancho Hernández for eight years. 


This morning the government agreement between the PSOE, Lava de Mame Fernández in Tías and Podemos with Nicolás Saavedra was made public, for which José Juan will once again hold the Mayor’s office of the municipality. The president of the PSOE Conejero, María Dolores Corujo, was present at the firm; the leader of Podemos, María del Río; and José Carlos Rojas as representative of Lanzarote Avanza. 


In the division of Areas, Mame Fernandez will take the super council of Tourism, in one of the most important municipalities of the Canary Islands in terms of the industry of the tourism sector. It will also be responsible for Sports, another notable area in Tías, Vías y Obras; and Local Police. 



Fernandez confirmed at the press conference that he has the blessing of his training, Lanzarote Avanza (Lava) and that although there is a division of areas that is included in the agreement, the idea of ​​government is transversal for all the compañeros. 


His part the mayor of Podemos, Nicolás Saavedra, will lead the Social Welfare Area giving priority to the rights of the citizens of Tías, to make a powerful human infrastructure and to meet the social needs of the neighbors. 


The PSOE remains with all the remaining councils among which Finance, Education, Urbanism, Culture, Transport, Agriculture or Health, among others.