August has started, as expected by the tourism sector, with a lot of movement and although airport activity is still far from pre-pandemic levels, the truth is that there is a great difference with last year’s activity and even with that of the rest Of summer.


For this Tuesday, the arrival of five flights from Madrid is scheduled, one from Valencia, one from Bilbao, another from Barcelona, ​​as well as a flight from Asturias, another from Seville and one from Malaga.


In addition, two flights will arrive from Manchester, one from Nottingham, two from Bristol, one from Birmingham and four flights from Dublin.



Cesar Manrique Airport will also receive passengers arriving from flights from Amsterdam, Paris, Münster and Hamburg, as well as two flights from Prague, one from Bordeaux, one from Brussels, Milan, and one flight from Düsseldorf and another from Eindhoven.


The Canary Islands are approaching pre-pandemic levels


On the other hand, the airports of the Canary Islands had a level of activity this weekend close to that registered in the last start of the August holidays prior to the pandemic.

Specifically, the Canarian terminals accumulated 3,800 operations from last Friday to Monday, which represents an 89% recovery in activity compared to the exit / return operation of August 2019.

75% of the international flights and almost 100% of the national ones, according to data from the public body AENA, which the President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, values ​​on social media.

“Great activity,” says Torres, who adds that these statistics “bring the Canary Islands closer to the figures from before the pandemic.”