The Festival Arrecife en Vivo kicked off this Friday, September 21 at Playa del Reducto at 6:00 pm with a concert by the students of the Toñín Corujo school .


Also on the Reducto beach, the theatrical work Asco, written and directed by the playwright Salvador Leal and produced by the Losotroh company, was staged and will also be part of the Festival Arrecife en Vivo program.


Cantera Rock (School of Music of Toñín Corujo) reunited families, neighbors and neighbors and older people who went down to see the Concert Cajasiete Nuestra Gente Menuda with its own hammock and a diverse mass of adults between twenty and fifty years old, happy Brand new on the weekend. Among them the councilors of Tourism and Culture David Duarte and Jimena Álvarez, who praised the work of an “impeccable and exciting for the new generations,” as indicated by the City of Arrecife.


The Bamba, the Billy Jean of Michael Jackson and a spectacular “Born to be wild” played on the timple made clear the genius of the project of the Lanzarote musician Toñín Corujo and the delivery of the very young band on stage Lumi.


With the final note and the final applause, the Banda de Agaete was present and another concert began: the parade that led the audience to the Plaza del Almacén . The targets of the historic formation of Gran Canaria took the people on their heels. Borja Téllez and Guillermo Sinnerman were already waiting on the stage Bestial Print. “One year they called us but we were not available, last year we came but we had to suspend a few hours before due to an injury and at last this year we have achieved it … That’s perseverance!” That’s how the Bengala thanked the festival for its persistence.



The next stop was at the Pampero stage, at the edge of the sea, in Parque Ramírez Cerdá . Joni Antequera was great with samples and electronics.


The band of Agaete returns to sound to take to the public, by the Charco, to Marina Lanzarote. On the stage Arehucas, E MF, James (vocals), Ian (guitar), Mark (drums), Derry (keyboard) and Zac (bass). “Thanks for making this festival amazing, with people on the beach , walking, dancing … “, said the British band.


After them came the stage Los Invaders, an electronic rock band that understood perfectly the audience . Their riffs and their electronics conquered the audience of the live Arrecife more nocturnal. The Amatria set in DJ format put the finishing touches to the first live concert of the Arrecife.


Next Friday September 28 comes the second day, marked by the female presence and world music: at 18:00, Z ombie Love, with the spectacular frontwoman Camy Tardieu, at 7:30 p.m., Galician Agoraphobia, at 9:00 p.m., The Grooves at 10:30 p.m., La Pegatina, a viral revolution ‘made in Catalonia’, which has put audiences dancing in thirty countries and whose producer, Rafa Arcaute , has just been nominated for an Emmy for the album that will be presented by the band in Lanzarote, Ahora o nunca.


The cherry, at midnight, will put La Chiva Gantiva, an explosive Colombian-Belgian-Vietnamese formation. The last two concerts will be held at the Reducto beach, on the Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve stage.


The Cabildo de Lanzarote and the City Council of Arrecife have bet a year more for the celebration of this event that has already established itself as one of the best festivals in the Canary Islands. On the other hand, from the Consistory have committed to ensure this event economically until the year 2021.


Another novelty this year is that the presence of women on the stage has increased, as well as being a sustainable edition that complies with the policy of recyclable glasses.


One more year Lancelot Medios is the official channel of this prestigious festival already associated with good music and the capital of Lanzarote.